Those dag-nab Muni service cuts*

Budget Cuts on Muni
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About 10 days ago, SFMTA (everyone knows that acronym now, right?) began its long-planned changes to service for Muni buses and light-rail lines. Some fretted the approaching changes, while others cried tears of sadness to see bus routes wither and die. (In case you’re still under that rock, we posted several Muni obituaries from readers.)

Last Friday, we asked Twitter followers to give us their thoughts about Week 1 of Muni-geddon. Here are the responses we got:

atayla says:

I see higher fares and same old horrible service. Am I wrong?


18 bus not arriving at designated times, sometimes early, other times up to 10 mins late. 38L also running 40 footers.


what I don’t get is the fact we’re paying more for less service. Can any1 explain this to me?


Coworker showed up an hour early because wait times for the 18 were 5 minutes and 125 minutes.


Not happy w/new changes. 41 increased size & arrivals but still EXTREMELY crowded, no improvement & 12 completely changed route


took a commute full n Judah home from ucsf last night. Everyone was nice. Paying by cash really slowed down boarding.


Monday was a sad day. I did not see the 26-Valencia on NextMuni. Now I am dependent on the consistently tardy J Train.


Feel like the 38 does not come as frequently as before, probably because of no 38-Ocean Beach.

So how’s about it? Do you like the changes? Hate them? Ambivalent?

See also:

* asinine asterisk meant to explain that we actually prefer Muni’s term of choice: service changes. Some lines and line segments were cut, it’s true. But many lines’ frequency was increased. Some lines felt no love or hate whatsoever. Changes, yeah, that’s the ticket.


  • Seven

    You won’t find it listed among the official service cuts, but the 71L stops running earlier in the morning than before Dec 5. So now I have to commute to work on the slow 71 instead. Thinking about driving my car again.

  • Really? Though it’s vague, the page with a rundown of the changes seems to indicate increased service. Perhaps this is an issue that should be brought to MTA’s attention.

  • Whit

    I ride the 21-Hayes every morning. The route was amputated at Stanyan and Fulton, supposedly to cut doubled-up service and free up the route for locals on Hayes from Stanyan eastbound, BUT the bus seats are normally full by the 3rd stop (Clayton) b/c of full 5-Fultons; we’re back to getting a lot of alternate 5 riders, and the bus still stops picking people up by Divis b/c of overcrowding. Oh, and NextBus still hasn’t been updated! I waited 15 min. this AM for a bus that was supposedly “arriving around min. 8.

  • The_Last_Black_Lady_In_SF

    On rainy Friday evening I was waiting for the 38 Geary at 20th Ave. The wait times were 23 and 25 minutes. I took a taxi….and I definitely miss the Haight 7 and the 26 Valencia.

  • Erik

    Everything is basically the same for my commute on the 6/71 corridor.

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