• I thought I was the only person who had noticed this. They say Guerrero like Guero, which is a little appropriate but mostly just… Lazy.

  • My favorite part of the news segment is the guy (forget his name) who says something to the effect of, “Oh, yeah, I need to go back and listen to how the street names are pronounced to make sure they’re right.” This tells me there was no review at all. Which leads that mischievous part of my brain to wish that they had recorded all sorts of intentional nonsense.

  • Oh this is classic lazy bureaucacy – and quite funny! The Sansome pronunciation was the best. And “Noe” – OMG, cracking me up. Wake up MUNI!

  • Like Rachel, I thought I was the only one who was hearing things differently. I’m sure there’s a reason why MUNI couldn’t get a local voice actor to record MUNI announcements?

  • Seven

    The 71 outbound used to announce “24th Avenue” and “26th Avenue”, but now correctly says “25th Avenue”.

  • Ben Cooke

    But on the other hand we lost the cool rhyme of “Seventy-one Haight-Noriega to 48th Avenue and Ortega!” when they standardized on the door announcements being the dude rather than the woman. Which is sad.

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