Who says your kid won’t look good in Muni?

Just in time for Christmas!

Coming off the heels of this post on BART Diaries, we couldn’t help but notice these adorable toddler tees adorned with (you guessed it) Muni art!

How cute. No, really.

According to the site, New Skool “is owned and designed by Bay Area Designer and Graffiti Artist Nate1 MPC,” and designs “kids and adult clothing for the Hip Hop minded.” What better intersection for hip hop than everybody’s least-favorite pubic transportation agency?

There’s more toddler and infant wares to be had, and some neat art with Muni in it. So head over to New Skool today. And feel free to tell ’em what sent ya.

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  • Kath

    So normally I would totally be all over Muni gear. But these days, after many weeks of time-consuming Muni FAILS and the upcoming fare increase (didn’t we just HAVE a fare increase??) I refuse to advertise for them any further.

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