Weekend Photos — First Week of the New Decade on Muni

muni snacking
Photo by Flickr user brandi666

Before we get into this week’s happenings, I have to point your attention to the above photo of a young, impossibly cool Muni rider. God, I couldn’t dream to be that cool at that age. Or now, actually.

We started off the first week of the year, unfortunately, with a Muni crash of the 19-Polk, when both the bus and the truck driver ran the stop sign, as shown in a video released by the SFMTA. Another piece of disturbing news: The SFAppeal reports an assault and robbery on Muni when a person who was texting on the bus was punched and had his/her phone stolen. Hey, can’t we all get along?

In better news, I hope you’re ready rock 2010 on Muni this Sunday at the No Pants ride! Last year we spotted a gentleman wearing no pants and carrying a pineapple for inexplicable reasons. I can’t wait to see who will top that this year.

Enjoy these photos and don’t forget to add your own pics of Muni at our Muni photo pool.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Photo by Flickr user Daniell Lefebvre

365/236 Montgomery to Castro
Photo by Flicker user Noodles and Beef

Photo by Flickr user andy54321


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