Weekend Photos: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

To miss out on the woo-woo train
Photo by Flickr user kayveeinc

The fare hike, that is.

Today in BART news, CBS5 reports that at least two BART board members are in favor of a new fare hike for transbay tube users. No definite word yet so stay tuned on BART Diaries to see this developing story. And remember that on Monday, MLK day, BART will be operating on the Saturday schedule.

Enjoy these moody and nearly monochromatic photos (it’s that kind of day for me today!). As always, send us your stories and pics on BART!

BART pilot
Photo by Flickr user jgatts

Oakland BART
Photo by Flickr user artbandito

every 3 to 4 weeks
Photo by Flicker user mikedthron

Ok, for giggles from the No Pants ride last Sunday. I can’t get over this man’s outfit:
No Pants! Subway Ride 2010: San Francisco
Photo by Flickr user Klara Kim

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