What’s the weirdest Muni cargo you’ve seen?

apparently, you can
Photo by Flickr user real plastic trees

I found this photo while trolling Flickr for more Muni-related pictures. Is that a surf board and a …black board?

A while back we received a submission from a rider who found a clever way to transport a ladder on Muni. On the 47 the other day I saw a man with a bearded dragon who tried to charge me a dollar to take a photo of it. We’ve see rats, parrots, and a giant spider passing as passengers on our commutes.

Spot any odd cargo on Muni lately? Let us know.


  • Steve

    I once saw two older men on the Metro bring a bed on board – headboard, rails, and footboard. This was at Montgomery or Powell, so they must have been walking through the station with it. Does a bed have to pay any fare? It was, to their credit, not assembled at the time.

  • I once transported two pieces of 8′ weather stripping on the Metro. The hardest part was getting it through the doorway.

    And there was that time I somehow managed to get a cafe table on Bart…

  • Oh, I’ve been keeping a list for a few years now, here it is (Janice from Sunset Style always finds me things, too!):
    A round papasan chair frame
    An amazing chair
    A small and compact grafittied TV set
    A large living room speaker, walnut veneer
    A kitchen chair
    A fully realized pressboard desk, with oak veneer
    An end table, white, with painted on roses
    Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes, mostly around Christmas
    A lawnmower
    A five foot long pine bench
    A party tub with faux rope handles, holding something potentially creepy in a black plastic trash bag
    A very tall halogen lamp

  • Daishin

    A woman was carrying a freshly killed dead chicken by its feet. Copious amounts of blood were pouring from its severed head on the bus floor. Where else but on the 14?

  • Hannah

    A man on the 28 was sitting in a rolley chair next to the window MUNI seats. He also had a cord phone in his pocket.

  • Sherry

    I frequently take my sitar on the 22. I guess that’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever taken on. I have plans of transporting a paper mache kangaroo (life size) from lafayette on bart but we’ll see, I might get a ride.

  • muni_lover

    I once saw a guy with two blue recycle bins filled with bottles and cans only. Not the waist high size of the ones at your house as big as they are. The size of the ones they give some restaurants…the chest high ones. Boy were these filthy too.

  • sunsetskylines

    I think the oddest was a man holding a bible and carrying a 6 ft tall cross made out of two-by-fours onto the 49 bus.

  • A tourist

    These stories are nothing compared to what I once saw. Someone once brought a christmas tree on board the subway!!!!

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