Namaste on the 24-Divisadero

Golden Gate Bridge Silhouette
Photo by Flickr user Jeff Howard

Sarah of I’m writing, you’re reading sent us the following remarkable little slice of life on the 24-Divisadero.

I sat down on the bus (ran to catch it again thankyouverymuch) after my second 3-hour yoga session of the weekend. Yoga mat and eco-friendly water bottle in hands. Glance across the isle and spot the exact same eco-friendly water bottle in the hands of another girl.

Oh and what do you know, she’s holding a yoga mat too.

Well aren’t we just two identical San Francisco stereotypes. In the flesh. On the bus.

So we make eye contact and I first point at my water bottle, then to hers. Then to my mat, and to hers. Laughter.

Janet’s class?, she asks.

No, Dina’s workshop, I answer.

YogaTree junkies. Shoulda known.

We bond over our mutual love of Janet Stone’s flow classes at the Castro studio, and she knew exactly which workshop I was taking because she thought of taking it too. And is going to take it later.

What’s your name?, she asks.
I’m Sarah, I answer.

She just shakes her head and laughs.
I’m Sarah too, she says.

When Sarah got off the bus, the girl next to me confirmed what I was just thinking, “I’m sorry, but that was really cute.”

Now it’s your turn — tell us what happened to you on Muni today.

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