This dog is more civilized than most humans on Muni

dog sitting perfect muni diaries by thrifteye

How to sit gracefully: “Ease into your chair with your knees together. Keep your torso straight without leaning forward. While you will eventually cross your legs, the act of sitting down is identical to the one used for maintaining traditional ladylike posture.”*

Add: Drape your leash gently over your shoulder toward the direction of your human, taking care that there is enough room between you and his seat.

Thanks @thrifteye for this Muni moment. Here are all the amusing moments from the Muni zoo.

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*Source: Wikihow

The happiest tweet about Muni pretty much ever


As much as people might like to vent about it, we managed to find what might be the happiest tweet that’s happened on Muni ever.

Muni rider Emily sent this very sweet moment our way: “A woman just proposed to her girlfriend on a crowded 24 bus. Couldn’t get a picture but it was really sweet.”

A proposal between two women on a crowded 24! Who says public transit is all kvetch?

Oh, and if you’re the lucky couple, please do send us your proposal story. The Muni Diaries inbox is hungry for some story nuggets!

Photo by @shannoninstagraham

This is what San Francisco-style kindness looks like

taxi and muni only lane by sergio ruiz
Photo by Sergio Ruiz

Camaraderie among Muni passengers really brings out some of the most surprising moments of kindness. Muni rider Zann sent us this “Only on Muni” story via Facebook.

This was on an inbound 24, as we crossed over Cortland:

This young guy gets on the 24, totally reeking of pot. He sits and opens his hand and has a handful of loose buds and shake. He pulls out a dollar and tries to wrap the weed in it, when this old lady next to him says, “Honey, you’re gonna spill that all over. Take this.” She pulls a handkerchief out of her purse and holds it open for him while he dumps the handful into it, then folds it up nicely and hands it to him. He offers her a piece as a thank you, and she refuses it. “No thanks, Honey, I don’t touch the stuff.”

It really was a magical “only in SF” moment, and a totally unashamed and candid interaction between them.

I always knew there was a reason I love people who carry handkerchiefs!

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Muni Transfer Tattoo Honors Family, Bernal Heights


When we saw Muni transfers realized in a tattoo artist’s sketch, we knew there had to be a story behind it. We tracked down the owner of this tattoo and its artist, and found out why he got Muni transfers permanently inked on his arm. His story made my day. How about you?

Who: Gelson Da Silva II

What neighborhood you live in?
Bernal Heights

Who did your tattoo?
Orio from Rose Gold Tattoo
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A Spiritual Experience on the 24-Divisadero

Photo by Steve Rhodes

Muni rider Sarabeth has a story for us all.

“Yesterday, I was riding the 24 outbound. There was a guy acting a bit strangely and kind of hum-singing. I didn’t think anything of it. There are always strange people on Muni. (ed. note: sing it, sister!)

“Later, he pulled out 5 or 6 wedges of cheese from the store, still wrapped. He then pulled out a small bottle of what I determined to be holy water and put some on one of the wedges. He then crossed and blessed them, mumbling something about the son and the father and God bless the cheese. He continued to do this to the other wedges and put them and then put them and the water back into his bag.”

Funny: I thought cheese comes pre-blessed. In any case, you go, cheese-blessing dude.

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