Balloon Circus on the 49

A couple of days ago I posted about weird cargo on Muni, and Muni Diaries readers don’t disappoint! Commenters reported seeing a bed (headboard included), 8′ weather stripping, a sitar, and a walnut veneer speaker.

Today we received a short video clip from rider Mathieu, who spotted a lady carrying a whole zoo of balloon animals on the 49. Wonder where she’s going…

Thanks, Mathieu!

Got photos or videos of strange cargo or other happenings on the bus? You know where to send it.


  • mr L

    Everywhere I go, I see this lady and a younger boy (maybe her son? around 20 something I guess) going around with balloons. The boy always wears an amazing hat made of some balloon animal and can be seen for miles.

    First spotted in an Irish bar in Sunnyvale, they are on the caltrain most weeks and have been steadily invading the city (or at least, my local hangout joints).

    This has been going on for over 2 years! I had the fear for a while it was just me that saw them everywhere I go – I’ll be showing this to my wife straight away as she thinks I’m nuts.

  • Muni Diaries: Settling marital disputes since April 2008 😉

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