‘Trains are moving, but moving slowly!’

Goddammit, Muni! Please start working again, so we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.*

Muni rider Christian reports on the scene this morning at Castro Street Station:

Everyone looks jaded as they experience more ‘inbound delays’ in the Castro.

The announcer says: “Trains are moving, but moving slowly!”

MTA released a statement indicating that, as of 7:55 a.m., N-Judah trains were backed up in the Sunset due to a “non-Muni accident” at Irving and Arguello. And the dominoes, they fall …

No word from MTA on reported backups at West Portal. At least it’s not raining? Yet.

* of course the irony here is that, were Muni to, you know, “work,” we’d lose half our content, especially lately.


  • Marcie

    Yep, lots of fun out there this morning. No trains at 9th and Irving, shuttle to Carl & Cole, got kicked off the train at Duboce, walked to Church and got on an L. The most info I got was from the 311 operator who told me about the accident and shuttles. The MUNI personnel, when they were present gave us zero information. You are right, at least it isn’t raining yet….

  • JimmyD

    “of course the irony here is that, were Muni to, you know, “work,” we’d lose half our content, especially lately.”

    If MUNI were to WORK! MUNI Diaries would be just as active but with more fun stories of wacky pets, missed connection, ugly fights, and way cool pics!

  • Seven

    Stranded N riders in the outer and inner Sunset piled onto inbound 71 buses, creating delays and sardine-like conditions for 71 commuters this morning also.

  • Daishin

    My favorite part of the delay syndrome is how the MUNI station announcements can’t quite be heard clearly, so everyone keeps asking each other “What did it say?” Thus no one knows anything. I still think MUNI likes to keep us all in the dark. No one can be blamed if there’s no information. 😉

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