1980 Flashback: Muni Metro Inauguration Party

D. Robert Foster, who shared an old Muni ticket/transfer on Muni Diaries a few weeks ago, sends along the amazing poster above, and notes:

This is a poster from the May 1980 grand opening party for the Metro system at Castro Street Station. Entertainment by Sylvester, DJs Howie Klein (415 Records), and Larry LaRue. As I remember, ticket holders were eligibile to be among the first people to ride the system by boarding cars at Church Street and then riding right into the party.

Can you imagine how amazing? I almost can, but not quite. Also, where else but the Castro could a soirée this awesome be found?

Thanks, Mr. Foster!

Also, commenters Mike and Gerard shared video from the party. Wild, fun times.

Thanks, Mike and Gerard!

Person Killed by Muni Train at Castro Station (w/update)

Update: (9:41 p.m.): Twitter follower justinberton sends the photo above. joem sends the photo below, of the back-up scene on Market Street.

Original post: A pedestrian on the tracks at the Castro station was apparently killed by a Muni train this afternoon, the SFAppeal reports:

SFFD Spokesperson Lt. Mindy Talmadge confirms to the Appeal that the fire department was called to Castro Station at 4:40 this afternoon, after a pedestrian on the tracks was apparently hit by a Muni train.

“We’re not sure how he got on the tracks” Talmadge said “we attempted to revive him and when it was evident that he had expired, we called the Medical Examiner.”

Some riders reported being stuck in the trains for 40 minutes or more, according to the report (see more updates from the SFAppeal).

KCBS also reports the fatality.

‘Trains are moving, but moving slowly!’

Goddammit, Muni! Please start working again, so we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.*

Muni rider Christian reports on the scene this morning at Castro Street Station:

Everyone looks jaded as they experience more ‘inbound delays’ in the Castro.

The announcer says: “Trains are moving, but moving slowly!”

MTA released a statement indicating that, as of 7:55 a.m., N-Judah trains were backed up in the Sunset due to a “non-Muni accident” at Irving and Arguello. And the dominoes, they fall …

No word from MTA on reported backups at West Portal. At least it’s not raining? Yet.

* of course the irony here is that, were Muni to, you know, “work,” we’d lose half our content, especially lately.

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