Ladies Waiting for Muni, Be Warned: Pickup Artist Bootcamp this Saturday

Jim Herd from San Francisco Citizen sent us this warning that “day time dating expert” Jeremy Soul is holding a one-day Pickup Artist Bootcamp this Saturday, when they will go out on the streets and find some hot ladies in the Union Square area. Specifically, the advertisement suggests that the smooth talkers find themselves a hot date on Muni.

Yeah. You read that right. More from Jim:

All right, here’s the elevator pitch for Saturday’s workshop. And, oh yes, “tram” is English English for MUNI.

“Find a HOT Date next time you’re on the Tram! Find out how.

Modern men lead such fast paced urban lifestyles they don’t have time to go out after work and meet women. Through a combination of classroom and in-field training, men can learn the latest skills and techniques to meet, attract and date beautiful women in any setting during the day – all in about 8 hours!

“Meeting women in daytime environments, aka Day Game, is scary to most men. But Jeremy Soul and his elite team of Day Game coaches have spent years learning this skill and can teach it to you.”

(Read more about this on SFCitizen, including a link to Jeremy Soul’s promo video. At your own risk, ok?)

Oh “Pickup Artists.” That is so…2005. According to SF Citizen, the classes are $1500 per person. The classes look like they are only for hetero males (yes, ladies, lucky us). When a reporter joined Jeremy Soul for one of his day time bootcamps, Mr. Soul reportedly charmed a woman on the street by commenting on her “smooth skin.” Creepy!

I wonder what Mr. Soul would say about this pickup line:

“Is your shirt expensive? Because you look so hot in it, I would totally rip it off of you right now, and I would totally replace it, if it’s not too expensive.”

True story. Someone actually used this pickup line on me and I nearly peed my pants in delight thinking about retelling it to my girlfriends. And this Saturday, ladies, you’ll have the same opportunity. If you spot any of the Pickup Artists Bootcampers, be sure to tell us about it. I can hardly wait.


  • JC

    Wow. Just wow. I liked the “Day Game” discussion if only for the negative implications….”if you typically need the cover of night to convince anyone to talk to you….” And then I made the mistake of following the link, where I read this testimonial. Which I can probably never forget:

    “He represents love. He represents confidence and charm. He represents that state of mental balance where nothing can affect him, his self-concept or his self-worth. He represents patience and dedication. He represents what the ancient Hindu texts referred to as gurus. For the guru goes beyond seeing the student as a person, but as a soul to take under their wings, to guide, to protect, and to sacrifice for. The guru shows the student understanding and empathy. All of these qualities I found in Soul.”

  • eugenia

    The “what the ancient Hindu texts referred to as gurus” is a really nice touch, I thought 😛

  • JC

    By the way, if is-that-an-expensive-shirt-line guy wanted to achieve peak smarminess (is that a word?), he would have stammered that he needed to save some money to buy you breakfast. That said, still awesome.

  • Faceless Man

    I was thinking it might be fun to crash this event. What the hell, I’m in town, and I’m sad enough I might vaguely hope to get something from it, and I could just make nasty comments at the back. But not at $1500. Plus, I tend to find this kind of douchebag disturbing, not funny.

    Oh, and it’s a really stupid idea. That was the other thing.

  • Bogus Author

    “Someone actually used this pickup line on me and I nearly peed my pants in delight thinking about retelling it to my girlfriends”

    You girls really do love the idiot guys fumbling to make a witty/funny connection.

    I can see how it would be a boost to inflate your confidence and funny story to tell your friends and reinforce your superiority.

  • Bogus Author

    But yes, also, fuck this dbag teaching predatory dating tactics through impersonal formulas.

    Or, do most of us have a method and style of approach for dating? that some lack. And need to pay to learn.

    DO YOU PEOPLE not like getting on? you do? I’m confused. But it’s all good as long as you’re superior.

  • DeeLeit

    Mary Koss’ much-discussed 1987 study of rape prevalence is famous mostly for its fidning that 1 in 8 college women have been victims of rape at some point in their lives. What’s not as well known is that the same study also surveyed thousands of college men, asking them about if they had ever forced a woman to have sex against her will. About 4.5% reported that they had.

    4.5% of the men in the United States is an incredibly high number – that translates into over six million men.

    When I am in public, I am constantly “rating” men on their potential to be a rapist. There’s harmless men and men who I will avoid and then there’s men who I will go seek shelter and safety from. If I encountered someone aggressively pursuing me with sexual overtures in Union Square I’d head directly into one of the (overcrowded) stores and go speak to an employee until that man left.

    I get street harassment in San Francisco fairly regularly, from “Hey baby” to a particularly horrifying encounter with a man on the 14 who sat next to me on a nearly empty bus and proceeded to repeat “fuck my dick” until I stood up and told the driver to kick him off the bus (I was sitting in the first seat, the driver saw and heard all of that but didn’t act until I demanded it of him.

    This “game” that they’ll be playing – a “boot camp” (because military imagery doesn’t make women think of the high rape statistics in the Army) for how to sexually harass pick up women – is disgusting.

  • Tony

    What’s with this “ladies” thing?

  • ferriah

    Just gave me a thousand different reasons to lock myself in my US apartment this weekend

  • remind me not to go to union square for this… pua stuff does not work!

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