Photo Diary: Double the Muni

Twitterer @twinpeaks_sf sends us a photo of this relic: The ill-fated Muni double-decker experiment of 2007.

Oh, the romance that could have been! But like most romantic gestures, the double-decker bus wasn’t exactly practical. The Examiner pointed out that overgrown trees and tunnel clearance posed problems, and passengers coming down the stairs made each bus stop take longer than it should (can you imagine?)

As twinpeaks_sf noted, “The good old days …”

Reminds me of a great song: “And if a double-decker bus kills the both of us …”


  • That bus was borrowed from the folks from Vegas who runs the double-deckers along the Strip. I’ve read up that they have updated their double-decker bus fleet to have two stairwells instead of just one. Maybe Muni should reconsider.

  • Sus

    I was lucky enough to take one during the experiment. It’s rare that public transportation actually makes me happy, but on that day it did. *sniff*

  • They look fun, but the color scheme made me spit up my breakfast.

  • I was also lucky to get a ride on the double decker, when it was on the 38 line one weekend. I loved sitting upstairs looking down on everything. It was fun.
    I don’t see why we couldn’t make it work… Double deckers seem to be the standard in the UK, and they seem to get along just fine.

  • Casey

    I rode the double-decker bus! It was an experience that I would never forget! I loved going to the top floor of the bus and looking down and waving at random people!

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