Allow us to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming: the faces of Muni riders

Muni Monday
Photo by Flickr user Justin Beck

Being a Muni rider has been a tough gig lately, with fare hikes, service cuts, accidents, and a slew of other changes sure to affect many of us. With SFMTA being in the middle of that budget crisis, we’re looking at some pretty harsh proposals (i.e. get the chopping block out) on how to get out of this mess. And, coming as no surprise to readers of Muni Diaries, public opinion of Muni is plummeting.

But in my search for more news updates and going through our submissions, I found so many great photos of everyday Muni riders that speak volumes about why public transit brings out such strong emotions. Through the lens of these urban photogs, I’m reminded that riding Muni is one of the few experiences shared by most San Franciscans: yuppie, hipster, hippie, homeless, average Jane and Joe. It brings out anger, frustration, and impatience. Yet instead of just swearing to drive, walk, or ride our bikes, we still get on the bus every day because we depend on it, as much as we depend on our morning coffee or shower. It’s more than a means of transportation: it also brings out stories that are funny, gross, weird, poignant…everything that makes living in our city unique.

Yeah, some parts of that experience make you shake your head — or even your fist — but other parts of it can sometimes make you smile. So, let me interrupt our regularly scheduled programming and share some of those images taken of and by your neighbors on the bus.

Photo by Flickr user ptwheel

More photos after the jump. And other great Muni photos can be found in the Muni Photos Flickr pool.

True love waits. And waits.
Photo by Flickr user Justin Beck

Photo by Flickr user Devon Shaw

Getting There
Photo by Troy Holden

Photo by Flickr user Noodles and Beef

Photo by Flickr user juicyrai


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