Weekend Photos: Munimals

Photo by blarfiejandro

I swear I’m not going all Anne Geddes on you (for the record I think that woman’s disturbed), but I can’t help it — I’m a sucker for dogs and cats. These cuties are certainly a reprieve after this week’s Muni news:

– Drivers overwhelm March Against Muni (SFWeekly)
– For a minute there it was close, but MTA Board takes more service cuts and fees for transfers off the table (StreetsBlog SF)
– SF Chronicle has an editorial about SPUR’s alternative budget proposal: “SPUR has made a good-faith effort to advance the discussion. There is plenty to hate in its package, but it is certainly preferable to an unthinking across-the-board service.”
– The Chronicle also reports that “public anger over Muni grows.” Uh, duh.
– Accidents: the 5-Fulton hits bicyclist and keeps going. M-Ocean View hits pedestrian Thursday (SFAppeal)
– State Legislature could restore millions in funding to MTA (StreetsBlog SF)

Tomorrow is the Muni Summit (reports the Examiner) at 8:15 a.m. at the Women’s Building in the Mission.

Enjoy your weekend!

Photo by Flickr user engnr_chik

Well heeled rover on the J line
Photo by Flickr user pamalamadag

A beagle on Muni?
Photo by Flickr user azza-bazoo

365 Animals #42
Photo by Flickr user pup ajax


  • Terry

    I am not an animal owner but these pics made me go AWWWWW! I’d rather ride with these wonderful passengers any day 🙂

  • Terry, I know how to pick ’em! 🙂 Sometimes I dream about working at Cute Overload.

  • Charles

    They are cute, but only one (per Muni regs) is muzzled. Are the others, even the puppies, ADA dogs? Even if your dog is the nicest, sweetest, never-bites beastie in town, someone steps on a paw, someone gets bitten, someone sues, our tax dollars get raided! Please folks! Muzzle and leash…

  • kel

    I pray for the day when my dog will be able to ride MUNI without having a panic attack!Wish my dog was that laid back….

  • Jazee

    Sorry to be a poor sport, but Excuse me I don’t sit in pet beds and I am not spending 2 bucks to do so either…get your dog out of my seat…

    • David Haywood

      Yeah, that’s my dog in “your” seat, and I guarantee you, he is more worthy of a seat than your grumpy butt. If I were ever to see a person who needed the seat, I would obligingly offer it to them, as well as my own. However, when bi-pedals with an inflated sense of entitlement give me a hard time about my dog, I am urged to remind them that my dog is likely a much more worthy recipient than their over-consuming, planet-wrecking, ingrate sack-of-flesh. Kindly fuck off.

      • Once I saw a book at the bookstore that was called “Cat Spelled Backwards Doesn’t Spell God.”

        I suppose the same could be said for “man.”


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