A new feature on Muni Diaries: Muni Time Capsule

Hi. Just a quick post to shamelessly plug a new feature on Muni Diaries. We’re calling it Muni Time Capsule, and it is what it sounds like: A place for all things having to with Muni history, like old photos, schedules, brochures, etc. Yes, the history of Muni is being written every day by you, dear rider. But Muni Time Capsule is a place for transit enthusiasts and the rest of us to gather and peer back. To a time before we all hated one another, a time when maps and schedules were drawn by hand, mimeographed, and otherwise made with sweat, blood, and tears.

So take a look at the Muni Time Capsule about page for a better understanding of what to expect over there. It works the same way Muni Diaries works: content will be provided by you and by us, so send us your relics today!

And check out the first post, a 1982 service changes brochure, courtesy longtime SF resident and transit geek, Randy Alfred. Pretty, pretty pamphlet …

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