Infrastructure pr0n: even more photos of J-Church track replacement

This set of photos of last weekend’s J-Church track replacement comes to us from Tom of Church Street Media, who adds his vote of confidence for the workers laying the tracks. Thanks, Tom!

I’ve lived at this corner for 20 years and I had a front row view of the construction — for better or worse.

I can report that the noise was HELLISH over the weekend — no sleep on Friday night, a little better on Saturday, but they seemed to finish ahead of schedule on Sunday night. I’m no expert, but from what I could see, the workers did a first-class job. The machine operators moved the rails and materials with expert precision and with a minimum of wasted effort. There were no workers standing around as we have come to expect to see on other public works projects.

I am happy to report that the hassle and confusion was worth it! The line is much quieter at the intersection and there is little vibration compared to before. I give Muni credit where credit is due.

More photos after the jump.

See Debbie’s video of the work here. And Brian has photos here.

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