Muni Is My Closet

A man carrying all his freshly laundered clothes from the dry cleaner boarded the 27-Bryant last week, casually hung them all on the hand rail like no big deal, and sat down to continue his cell phone convo. Riders Karoline and Mike snapped some pictures of the rider, making himself at home on Muni. Thanks, Karoline and Mike! (click images to embiggen them)

p.s. As a commenter asked, I meant to say that I found this to be a really cute and amusing sighting about urban living – I was on the bus with Mike and Karoline, and this totally made us smile. What do you know, it’s not snark here 24-7, and a lot of times the stuff that happens on the bus makes me love living in an urban city even more.


  • jln

    So….you find something “wrong” with this?? Would it have been better if he had folded it all up in his lap so that the freshly laundered clothes got all wrinkled? I guess I’m missing the need for the snark.

  • I don’t find anything wrong with this, JLN – actually I thought it was a really cute, urban thing to do. It totally made me smile.

    This site is not all about complaints and being snarky. In fact I would hope that it is not at all about being snarky because that gets old!

  • That’s a pretty snarky comment from someone who seems to dislike snark. I’ve had to carry a suit downtown a few times, and after getting stuck on a crowded N judah for a good 1/2 hour, that thing gets heavy. I’ve definitely hung it up on the hand rail a few times.

    • eugenia

      Maybe something is getting lost in translation here. I said that I thought it was a cute thing to do. It made me smile. We took pictures. I’ve carried my dry cleaning on the bus and wish I thought of doing that. I’m just saying it straight.

      • Woops, my comment was toward jln, not you Eugenia. I didn’t think you were
        being snarky in the original post; I thought jln’s response was the source of all snark. Sorry for the confusion. But for everyone’s sake, I will unbunch my panties nevertheless.

        • Haha! Man, all weekend long I’ve been thinking as I write,
          “Does this sound snarky? I don’t mean to be snarky…why do people think…”

          Thanks, default attorney!

          Do with your panties what you will.

          The captcha is “extra bushman.” I swear, that thing is like an Eight Ball.

  • B

    @ jln and The Default Attorney-

    Your panties. Unbunch them.

    • jln

      Ahem………..if you had read the original post, you would have seen that she did not make any mention of this being “cute”. She WAS nice enough to put in a retraction, so there’s that.


      my panties, as always, unbunched…….

      • I’m still not seeing the snark in Eugenia’s post before she amended it (not really a retraction, I’d say. More of an amendment). But yeah, I happen to know Eugenia, so there’s that. But seriously, where is her snark in the first paragraph?

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