Weekend Photos: Gone Fishin’

Take Your Work More Seriouslly
Photo by Troy Holden

By sheer coincidence, both of your editors are starting the weekend early, namely by getting eff outta town. We both left this morning. But the robots that really run the site were nice enough to promise us they’d publish this post for us in our absence. (Note to robot: please also do my taxes and laundry by the time I get back. Thanks!)

If you’re a Muni Diaries regular, and haven’t already, please take a couple minutes this weekend to fill out our redesign survey. We’re about to tweak the way the site looks just a little, and we want your input. Doing so might get you a free drink.

Car 130 San Francisco
Photo by Flickr user Nick Fisher

Muni tracks
Photo by Flickr user apasciuto

Photo by Flickr user contrasts

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