Meet the Artist for New Public Art for Church and Duboce

There’s going to be some new art and seating areas along the N-Judah line as a part of the Church and Duboce Streetscape Improvement Project. Wanna know what the new seating area will look like on Church and Duboce, and meet the artist who will create the sculpture there? Primitivo Suarez-Wolfe will be at the Harvey Milk Recreation Center tomorrow evening:

The Arts Commission recently approved artist Primitivo Suarez-Wolfe’s conceptual proposal for a series of new public artworks that will be implemented in conjunction with the Church and Duboce Streetscape Improvement Project. Inspired by the surrounding architecture and the history of the neighborhood, Primitivo proposed to create a series of steel chairs that, in addition to creating a distinct identity for the intersection, will provide much needed seating for the area. The artist will also design a vertical sculpture for the corner of Church and Market that will serve as a gateway feature for the neighborhood. This is your chance to meet with the artist and engage in a dialogue about his artwork concepts before he develops the designs for presentation to the Arts Commission.

More details

WHEN: Thursday, April 15, 2010, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Get there by Muni: N, 71, 6, 24, 22
WHERE: Harvey Milk Recreation Center, 50 Scott Street (at Duboce Avenue), Downstairs Exhibit Room

The artist’s proposal (PDF) mentions salvaging and reusing Muni tracks — melting tracks that were slated to be demolished and recasting chairs out of them. Suarez-Wolfe wrote that “the chairs themselves will be cast replicas of domestic seating from local cultures and contexts. To me, this begins to connote the shared diversity and character of the Church and Duboce community.” I’d be interested to see how this turns out in real life.

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  • fermata

    Install all the steel chairs you want. Nothing’s going to keep that area from being a nasty, noisy menagerie of homeless, addicts, wackjobs and inconsiderate, impatient drivers. Look both ways, folks!

  • loren

    i’d just be happy with SOME sort of shelter at that N stop. i use that stop almost every day and i’ve had some horrible waits in the pouring rain on that corner, with the closest suggestion of shelter being across the street in the doorways of “Out of The Closet” and “Maitri” (if the throngs of fellow N riders haven’t beaten me there).

    I don’t think nice/fancy seats are all that important, especially since they’ll most likely get damaged quickly or misused given the “noisy menagerie”, as fermata put it, that populates this intersection. It isn’t the diciest, but it gets messy (especially on those weekend nights).

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