I Dream of Muni: Fantasy Fare Inspector

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Muni worked its way into the subconscious mind of Andrea of Hula Sunset. Also starring in this episode are Hubby, fare inspector, and Mom. Why does Mom always show up at the most inopportune places in dreams?

Hubby and I were going to catch the F-Market from our house to go to work. We got to the platform and I realized that my Fast Pass wasn’t in the little pocket of my purse where I usually keep it. It was in the jacket pocket, and of course I had left that jacket at home. Being that we’re way too poor to pay a fine should a POP officer request to see our POP, we decided to not take the train to work, but rather take the train home.

While we’re on the train two things happen. 1) my mom is on the train 2 seats ahead of us, notices us and gets all mad that we didn’t ride the train with her in the first place, and 2) we realize how stupid we are riding the train because we don’t have POP and it doesn’t matter that we’re going home to get my Fast Pass instead of going to work.

Sure enough, the fare inspectors get on the train. When they get to Hubby and me I explain to the nice POP lady what happened, and thank her for not being my least favorite fare inspector who I’m sure is out to get me, and I ask her where my favorite fare inspector is, y’know, the really large friendly lesbian with a crew cut — tough but friendly and fair. She smiles and walks away.

No ticket for me. Thanks dream-inspector.

Hubby and I get off the train and I don’t remember anything else except for a weird stairway, some kids playing lemonade checkers, and my mom giving me crap again for not riding the bus with her.

Yup, we dig Muni dreams. I’m still waiting to dream the one where Lou from Hot Tub Time Machine and I ride the 38 to save the world, whacking zombies with golf clubs along the way. Come on, REM sleep, you can do it!

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  • muni_lover

    I find it funny that the same Inspector can elicit two such extreme viewpoints as in this posting and the shave headed inspector from hell posting. I really like the large friendly lesbian too. She does her job the way I want all of them to do it.

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