• Derek

    Saw this same guy and his crew doing their thing on the 24 this afternoon. Just like the previous report, some of them were already on the bus when he got on a few stops past Geary and they all jumped off on Haight. Unfortunately some woman got hooked and she lost $90 from what I heard. Guy in the video wearing the blue pants and blue and white striped shirt is also one of the crooks. There were four of them altogether.

  • JC

    Nice set up for someone to do a shell game skit tonight at MUNI Diaries live….

    • Ha, maybe for the audience-participation part of the night. It’d have to be fairly short (3 mins or so max). Not a bad idea, though. Prizes are pretty awesome, I have to say.

  • TS

    This story made Channel 7 tonight. I instantly recognized these crooks from a ride on a Haight Street bus heading down Market a few years ago. When someone called them on the scam they punched the guy and all jumped off the bus at Market and Van Ness.

  • Lily

    I lost about $21 to that guy and this white chick and her boyfriend lost $50. Pretty fun experience, I just never thought it would end up on channel 7.

  • Olivia Tseng

    I’m one of the victim. I went to police station, but they refuse to take this case!!!!!

  • Chinese buffet lover

    Don’t gamble at any Casinos , any street gambles .
    Gambling is bad . Simple is that .
    You lost money because you knew the risk and gambled your money.
    You cries because you didn’t know every Gamble games are set to the House will win the game from the get go. Why you don’t cry when you lost your money at Vegas ?
    You knew the risk . You knew you will lose money. You knew everything from the get go .
    Gambling is bad.

  • Henry Larry

    Saw the video and it is a stark reminder to always question suspicious activities. Lets spread awareness to protect each other. It is shocking how convincing these scams can seem in the moment.
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