Weekend Photos: See you tonight

Muni under the ramp 2
Photo by Flickr user kimchidonut

This week was particularly rollercoastery in the Muni news department. Some highlights:

– Over the weekend: Muni bus operator sent to hospital following attack (CBS 5)
Value of stolen copper wire from Sunset Tunnel: $60-66. (SF Weekly)
MTC report shows dismal future for transit operators (Streetsblog SF)
Muni operator becomes second female ‘gripman’ in cable car history (Examiner)
SFMTA board approves two-year budget by 4-3 vote; Muni cuts extended (Streetsblog SF)
Pedestrian Dies Following Muni Accident at Mission and Beale (SF Appeal)
– Wall Street Journal asks: What grade would you give NextBus?
Muni service cuts (see fifth item, above) could be pared back (City Insider)
Man killed by Muni light-rail vehicle at Castro Station (SF Appeal)

Whew! What a weird, shitty, wonderful week it was. It’ll be capped off by Eugenia and The Poetry Store‘s Silvi on Pirate Cat Radio today at 5, and of course, Muni Diaries Live! Breaking It Down at the Make-Out Room at 7:30. See you there!

Muni Wires Against the Sky
Photo by Flickr user Generik11

Creamed Cheese
Photo by Flickr user Whole Wheat Toast

Big Brother Is Watching You
Photo by Flickr user B4YK1D5

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