Muni Book Club, Chapter 2

Riders James, Katie, and friends have been stalking your books on Muni on their site, Between the LinesOn their quest to document who’s reading what on public transit in our literary city, they’ve reported the sighting of a rare and obscure novel and the continued epidemic of Eat, Pray, Love. This week, Between the Lines caught rider Sierra reading a fascinating hardcover despite the onslaught of commuters. Here’s a peek at what she’s reading. Maybe you’ll see James and Katie soon on your line so you can share your discerning book choices.

So what are you reading there?

Open, by Andre Agassi. It’s really good actually. I was originally interested because a friend recommended it and I play tennis. But there’s a lot of stuff in here you wouldn’t expect. It’s not just about tennis. It’s also about how much he hated tennis. And meth and how much balding sucks.

Would you recommend it?

Absolutely! It’s a little unwieldy because it’s a hard cover. I usually ride my bike to work, but I look forward to rainy days, because then I get to ride Muni and actually read on my commute. I try to read before bed, but don’t usually make it too far before falling asleep. I got this from my friend at the Sonoma State library. It’s actually impossible to get at the SF library right now. All the copies are out.

Thanks Sierra (cute scarf, by the way). It’s been a while since I heard someone looking forward to riding Muni. I’ve been wondering lately if there was such a thing as good readable sports nonfiction. If there is one, Agassi would probably provide one of the most engaging real-life characters. At first I wasn’t sure what you meant about the book being impossible to get at the library, given my naivete on the subject, but a trip to the SF Public Library site proved that Sierra was right: 131 copies are out and the first one returned already has two people waiting for it!

(You can also find a copy of Open by Andre Agassi at Books Inc.)

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