Mystery Bus Stop Park

Empty Bus Stop Park

Flickr user Rick Audet captured this quick guerrilla Muni stop parklet on Castro at Market street over the weekend, right outside the Twin Peaks bar. Here are some folks enjoying it:

Bus Stop Park

Rick said that he saw a photographer across the street set up to snap some photos of the pop-up bus stop park, then the parklet was quickly dismantled. More from Rick:

I don’t know how long it was set up, but it was there for the 15 minutes I spent waiting for the next 24 line. It appeared that the people who posed for the photographer across the street were the same people who drove up to this spot and dismantled the parklet, and then the photographer grabbed his gear, crossed the street and hopped into their vehicle too.

Anybody have any idea about what’s going on here? I’m strangely fascinated.


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