Weekend Photos: Blow your horn

Photo by Flickr user fsquared

How was your week? Ours? Well, the usual. Not enough hours in the day, or days in the week, or weeks in the … ah, never mind. Here’s your weekly roundup of Muni news:

– 21st Century Barn Raising (Market Street Railway)
– Six Injured In Muni Bus-Van Crash (KTVU)
– Supes Propose Massive Changes To How The SFMTA Runs (SF Appeal)
– Gavin’s Delay In Appointing SFMTA Board Members Might Be Holding Up Service (SF Appeal)
– SFMTA’s St. Francis Circle Project Means West Portal Street Closures, Muni Service Disruptions, Parking Problems (SF Appeal)
– The real reason Muni stopped fare enforcement saturations (SFGate)
– The politics of restoring Muni service (City Insider)

On Monday, we posted a video that eventually went, how you say, viral. It shows bus riders in Copenhagen showing love for their bus driver by serenading him on birthday. *Tear* Later that day, we ran a few Muni-related Bay to Breakers photos we found. We put a question in to MTA concerning where the money comes from to run B2B shuttles. We’ll let you know what we hear back.

Don’t forget to send your Muni stories here, and your Muni photos here.

Have a good weekend! See you Monday.

The Elusive 29 Sunset
Photo by Nick.Fisher

19 Bus-Navy Yard
Photo by cidana

22 In Pipes
Photo by eviloars

F Market
Photo by tweetsweet


  • Peter

    The Bay to Breakers shuttles are paid for with those $7-$10 special event fares they charge. They’ve even turned a profit off of them in recent years.

    • Completely paid for? If they turned a profit this year, how much? And where does that money go? Especially in light of recent service cuts and layoffs, seems a pretty important question.

  • Peter

    All I’m going on is a posting in the SF Muni History Yahoo Group – someone who worked with Muni’s special events planning said that when he left in 1998 they had been making a “small profit”. I don’t know if that’s still the case but I would imagine that they at least cover most of the cost of the extra service with those fares.

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