• Erik

    What a jerk.

  • eugenia

    Wow, that’s a liability for sure.

  • I’m still wondering how this guy didn’t get mobbed.

  • Joey

    I think it’s kind of great – the bus doesn’t look very full!

  • What is he supposed to do if the guy won’t pick him up? I’ve seen it plenty of times. This guy is my hero.

  • Daishin

    Yes, a true San Francisco citizen. A truly valid protest against MUNI.

  • Muni wife

    First of all,you notice it is in the middle of the street with no busstop in sight. So it isn’t necessarily that the driver did not open the door for him. This was not courageous, but very STUPID as well as dangerous. So for his selfish reasons he tied up traffic and held up the bus b/c he could not wait for the next bus? Again people have no consideration for others anymore-it is al about me,me,me! If I was a passenger or driver of a car I would be upset and think he was a crazy person, not a hero!

  • Muni wife 2

    I forgot to add if you see he is on the middle lane so obviously already driving so the driver cannot pick the man up in the middle of the street due to safety reasons obviously. Now when one is at the busstop and there are many passengers boarding once that door is closed they are supposed to drive, if they kept opening doors for the ones who come late at every stop then people will complain they are not on time then b/c every second counts and adds up. So you cannot have it both ways. Be on time at the bus stop and if you miss it, you have no one to get upset at but yourself for being late so wait patiently for the next bus which usually in the city there is not that much of a wait compared to other places.

    So this guy on the rack was immature and also endangered his own life on the middle of traffic not to mention if another car swerved to miss him as he is doing all this and walking through the middle of traffic it could have resulted in injuries to others which like I said is a STUPID and SELFISH act not a protest but more like a little kid having his tantrum! He needs to grow up and act like a rational adult.

  • Y.

    As a passenger, I agree with the MUNI wives. If I miss a bus and the door closes in my face, I wait for the next one. If timing is important, I plan ahead and leave early. I do this for MUNI; I did it when I had a car and drove. Public transit is no individual’s personal limo. If you miss it, you miss it.

    I also notice it’s an express bus. I wonder if he thought it was a normal bus that drove off without stopping. I’ve watched a woman get angry when the 14L didn’t stop when she expected it to. She went to the door and started kicking the steps. 6 blocks later at the actual stop, she ineffectively punched the door several times rather than pressing the bars to open it.

    • muni_lover

      I agree, Y and Muni wife. People waiting for buses is how it works in a major city. While I like when buses wait for people, it is a gift not a right.

  • johnnytravisfan

    johnnytravis has his finger on the pulse of this rotten city. That guy is probably reading the city charter trying to find the part that guarantees the salaries of bus drivers. Good for him. Gawd bless johnnytravis!

  • I have lived in this City a VERY long time and there is not enough room here for me to tell you how many jobs I was late for and lost or interviews I missed or other appointments, like at the HOSPITAL (that I waited a year for) and left an extra 45 minutes early for,’just in case’, or dates who left because I did not get there, etc, ALL BECAUSE OF MUNI! And yes, I left extra early, and NO I did not have money for a cab or couldn’t get cab service in particular neighborhoods. I cannot tell you how many times a driver 1)shut the door on my arm or leg and started driving off, 2) saw me and shut the door in my face, 3) waited for me OR another passenger to get to the door and then pulled away with a smile on their face!!! This one seems to be a favorite. I have been the passenger who chases the bus to the next stop, while the driver watches in their mirror with a smirk on their face and (see #3)I have seen this done to others. I have complained via telephone about every imaginable horrible driver behavior for more than 2 decades and it just gets worse. Maybe one in a hundred drivers is good and nice, kind and friendly, on time and decent. But they end up leaving MUNI because (my guess)
    MUNI obviously does their best to get rid of the good drivers,and/or the good drivers become sickened with the complete lack of logic under which MUNI ‘runs’. There is definitely a sinister and malicious element among many MUNI drivers.

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