• Wow, seeing that really brings back memories of taking the 1 California to school every morning. I used to clutch my nickel so tight. One time I lost it and instead of ‘fessing up and risking my sister’s wrath, I grabbed a bottle cap off the group and put that in the fare box instead. I’ll never know if the driver noticed or not, but I got away with it. Thankfully it did not lead me to a life of petty crime…

    • I like to think getting little crimes like this out of the way when you’re young actually leads to an upstanding adulthood. Well-played.

  • Maybe Muni Diaries should buy the fare box, then when you have events people can give donations to the fare box and you can donate the proceeds somewhere? Just a thought. You could also rent it out for parties! The possibilities are endless.

  • MJB

    Does anyone have a Muni Grant electrolock farebox for sale — at a reasonable price???

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