Muni driver Tammy in YouTube documentary

Rider Carlos sent us a documentary he found on YouTube about a Muni driver. It was none other than Tammy, who held a great party on the 33-Stanyan for her riders (see Greg’s post about Tammy in May).

“The Front Seat — A documentary about San Francisco Muni Bus Drivers” was made by Sara Biegelsen at Digital Video Workshops. In it, Tammy talks about why she takes her job so seriously: “All these people on my bus, I’m responsible. Their lives are in my hands. You can’t put a price on that.” She also explains how drivers sometimes have to adjust their mood based on the line they’re driving.

Thanks, Carlos, for the tip. And thank you, Tammy, for your amazing attitude. It’s great to see you in motion.


  • Can Tammy come to the next muni night?

  • I would absolutely love it if Tammy comes to the next Muni night!

  • Tammy

    Hello, this is Tammy I wanted to know what was Muni night, I’ve been off for the last 3 mths my son was killed by a drunk drive it was covered by chronicles, but when I do get back I would love to come….Im starting a nonprofit called Heavenly Bound Angles, support for other families….thanx again Tammy

    • eugenia

      Hi Tammy, I’m so sorry for your loss. The next Muni Diaries Live is April 22 at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco. I’m going to email you shortly so we can talk. – Eugenia at Muni Diaries

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