Photo diary: Furry little face

Ed at BART Don’t Lie says:

Ok, technically this was taken on Muni, but as I consider it the slightly troubled sister of my beloved BART I’m going to allow it. Besides, lookit that little guy’s furry little face. Adorable. Also, on this same train … a guy threw down his book in disgust and stomped off the train at the next stop. It was some beat up paperback copy of a sci-fi novel… I wonder what pissed him off so much?

Seen something fun, funny, or furry on Muni? Send it our way, please.


  • mikesonn

    Is the guy who threw down his book the one in the upper right?

    • Ed

      Yep, that’s him (that’s also his skateboard in the foreground there… I’m not sure why he was sitting so far away from it). Now that I look at it again it looks like he’s pretty close to the end of the book. Maybe he didn’t like the way it ended.

  • Devin

    Heh. I think the woman with the dog is a coworker of mine. If so, the dog’s name is Jax (or Jacks, not sure how it’s spelled.) He’s pretty cute, and friendly too.

  • you should ask her. we loves it when people in photos on MD find the post. loves, i say!

    CAPTCHA: gasser on

  • amy

    Thats me and my Pup. His name is Jax. He rides the muni, bart, on my bike, and on the motorcycle in the messenger bag. Thanks for posting!

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