Polite, Proud Balloon Creature on Muni Metro

*whispers intently*

Behold: a purple balloon monster in its natural habitat: among Uggs and vaguely interested Metro passengers.

As spotted by stuffjosefinawrites on Tumblr, this unique balloon creature joins an esteemed cadre of balloon animals on Muni, usually much more buttoned up and tethered than our wily friend here. Muni Diaries editor Eugenia says she spotted it as part of the Pride parade; like a good reveler, it responsibly took public transit home and kept its hands to itself. Kind of.

Send us your photos of interesting creatures on Muni today.

“Dog” is my co-pilot

Update: Kristin (@halffullglasses) tweeted the same balloon-animal dog to us from the 16X. She says it was piloting her journey through the Panhandle. Have you spotted it, too? Send us your pics @munidiaries.

Spotted on Steuart Street: the tucked-away terminus of some Muni lines and home to the San Francisco Railway Museum. Rock on, snoozing bus #8205.

If you don’t have a real-life dog to bring on Muni, I see nothing wrong with bringing neon balloon poodles instead.

Making an Appearance on Muni Today …

Photo by @CantaloupeBeard

In San Francisco, there’s no such thing as, “I’ve seen it all.” Alas, the “thing” in the photo above, between the two blue arrows.

With 94 percent certainty, I say it’s a reaper (originally, I said, “scimitar,” perhaps because I just really like that word). Eugenia told me, “i squinted and have no idea what I’m looking at…jock strap?” We could easily both be wrong.

Seeing people carrying strange things on Muni is oddly reassuring, init?

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