Muni Rollsigns, Revised

Muni rollsigns, revised
Photo by Flickr user octoferret

We came across this amazing photo by Octoferret on Flickr, who stitched together two Muni roll signs to show the lines and destinations. A little more from Octoferret on how he put this together:

There are 150 readings on the destinations sign and 157 on the lines sign. The destinations sign has the date 2/8/90 printed on it, the lines sign is undated. Both signs came from one of these buses, which were retired from service in 2007.

This image is made from 27 photos of the sign showing the lines and 26 photos of the sign showing the destinations after heavy editing. I had to straighten every single photo, up the contrast, make the colors uniform and then stitch them all together.

Wow. That’s patience.

I spotted some unusual lines on the photo — 18-Geary?


  • that tiny “E-Embarcadero” is the biggest tease i’ve seen today.

  • doublegin

    so when is the t-shirt coming out?

  • Carlos

    i notice that the sign says AMBULANCE.. i wonder if a muni bus could be used as a ambulance.. i say that since well muni has the plastic seats.. also i see the forest knolls/Mt. Davidson.. i dont know why the Current 36 doesnt say that now.. i mean i know it stops at forest hill muni metro station and valencia/ceasar Chavez(army st) but oh well thats the transit we know.. i wonder if these signs came off a Flyer E800 or Flyer D902 .. i miss those two and the New Flyer D60 busses


  • Aaron Priven

    11 Hayes
    20 Columbus
    10 Balboa
    10X Balboa Express
    7X Noriega Express
    13 Guerrero
    128 19th Ave. – I-280
    46 46th Ave.

    I think rollsigns should be revisited. It should be possible to produce them using large-format inkjets at a fraction of the cost and time it used to take, and they are much easier to read.

    • Ryan

      I dunno, the amber-on-black digital signs on the Orion VII buses are pretty easy and clear to read from a distance.

  • Noel

    Wow! That must have taken many hours! Thanks so much for doing this and sharing!

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