Weekend photos: Keep It Movin’

Keep movin' movin' movin', raw-HIDE!
Photo by Flickr user andyi
Are you ready for Pride Weekend? Don’t forget to check the Muni reroutes that we posted earlier today. This week in Muni news:
– Taking on Muni union puts Elsbernd at the wheel (SFGate)
– Newsom backs Muni ballot initiative that takes on operators (City Insider)
– Residents steer bus off streets (SF Chronicle)

– SFMTA Appoints New Chief Safety Officer (Reginald Mason of the Metropolitan Transit Authority in Houston) (SFMTA)
– Mayor Newsom Slams Muni Union Leaders Again, Decries Work Rules (Streetsblog SF)
– Akit checks in with the latest on Clipper Card, WageWorks (Akit’s Complaint Department)

We’ve got something up our sleeves for you on Monday! Remember the site redesign that we told you about a couple of weeks ago? We polled your opinions and have been working hard at shaping up the new look with our developer. It’s on its way, and we sure hope you like the newer, prettier Muni Diaries.

Until then, enjoy the photos and your weekend. And send us your Pride Weekend Muni photos as they happen!

Muni Escalator
Photo by Flickr user s__i

Like Nino Did The Carter
Photo by Troy Holden
The 14 Line
Photo by Flickr user williambuckley

Photo by Tara Ramroop

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