Solo-driving the good ship Muni Diaries

108 to school
Photo by juicyrai

Hi, everyone. Just a quick note here to let you know that momma Eugenia has left me (papa Jeff) in charge of you kids for the next two weeks. Yes, you can eat all the candy and dessert and sodas you want, watch whatever on TV, and go to sleep when you feel like it. But let’s make a deal, too: let’s create the best Muni Diaries we can for Eugenia to come home to.

That means you guys gotta keep sending me your Muni stories, photos, videos, songs, and whatever else you think warrants a post on Muni Diaries. And keep the comments coming. I can steer the ship, but you guys gotta paddle. Or is it the other way around?

  • Send Muni stories here.
  • Submit photos to our Muni Photo Flickr group here.
  • Send stories, photos, missed connections, love letters, requests, and everything else to our email account here.

Let’s do this!

* Technically, I will have some editorial/curatorial help these next two weeks. Tara has volunteered to navigate these dangerous waters. Thanks, Tara!


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