‘Almost Generous’ Muni Theft

February 1981 Fast Pass
Photo by Flickr user Steve Rhodes

Just today we posted about a phone theft on Muni, San Francisco Examiner reports that a group of thieves let a victim keep her Muni pass:

A woman who was robbed by three males at a bus stop at Geary Boulevard and Spruce streets at 5:20 a.m. on July 11 asked her aggressors, who had snatched her purse, if they could let her keep her bus pass and identification card, according to Richmond Station police.

In the end, however, the suspects appeared to have heeded her request. They ran off with a cell phone and credit cards, but then gave her back her purse before fleeing on Geary Boulevard, police said.

Read the rest of the story at the San Francisco Examiner.

Wow, I guess the Fast Pass price hike gave the thieves a tiny dose of sympathy?


  • cmvh

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  • JC

    Thus proving that even some criminals think it’s too dangerous to ride MUNI, even when it’s free….

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