jack in the box on muni

I was walking along California on my way to the bank on Friday when I spotted a bunch of tourists getting off of the cable cars. Guess who was waiting for them?

jack 2 muni

Too bad I had to rush off before the bank closed. The funny thing was that nobody batted an eye. Jack was looking at his phone the whole time…videotaping people’s reaction, perhaps?


  • Carlos

    Wow! who’d of thought jack would be in the city.. i will attest i am a fan of his southwest salad.. might be getting away from it all or getting sourdough for his sandwiches

  • Beth

    Haha. That is funny albeit slightly sad. I remember when I first moved to San Francisco, I was always a bit shocked by how oblivious people seemed to be to all of the crazy things I’d see, but then I too learned by example to just keep moving my feet (though getting mugged about a year ago prevents me from entertaining the learned behavior of looking at my phone).

    I guess I’m just not immune to assimilation.

  • Ah, walk with blinders. That was my motto when I taught at an inner city school for 21 years. Works in just as well in SF.

  • HogSolo

    That’s not Jack…. that’ an imposter.

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