SFMTA and Newsom Announce 61% Muni Service Restorations by Labor Day Weekend

Screwed by MUNI Again
Photo by Anna Conti

Hey, good Muni news — Mayor Gavin Newsom announced today that Muni will restore 61 percent of the service cuts you saw in May (see the story by Streetsblog San Francisco, SFGate, and SFAppeal). The poor lines that got cut (which you all so eloquently eulogized in our Muni Obituaries) aren’t coming back, but you will see changes, including more weekday and weekend service hour, less wait time for Owl Service, and restored light rail vehicle service.

How did this happen? SFMTA says it identified $15 million in one-time allocations from county and regional agencies, and operational savings like reducing stand-by hours for operators.

How has your Muni experience been since the service cuts, and which service are you most looking forward to having back? Sound off in the comments, please.


  • Malik

    I love to see the 26 come back.

  • moderniste

    I’ve really noticed the increased wait times on the 22, a crosstown staple that *should* be running like all the time. At least once a day–more like twice or thrice–there are wait times of over 30 minutes at busy times. Pffft!

  • Daishin

    Today the wait times on the 47 were 37 and 45 minutes at 5:00 pm.

  • I’ve had to take the 10 Townsend a few times this week.
    Next Bus predictions, when I’m at a stop that has them, have been of the ’20 minutes and 65 minutes’ variety.
    I had to chose to leave work fifteen minutes early or else wait almost an hour for a bus the other day.
    This morning I waited 30 minutes for a bus, and couldn’t get through to 311 to talk to anyone about it.

  • Ryan

    The M. I want my M back – it takes for- freakin’-ever to get to West Portal from the Ocean View with the buses.

    • eugenia

      Ryan, you’re in good company…I was just talking to another friend who said she really wants the M back. Too bad that won’t happen with the Labor Day Weekend restorations. I really want the 4 back!

    • Sam

      Muni’s website says the M will be back very soon!

  • Reba

    i wonder why the service restorations of Muni were 61%? Why 61%? Is that some strange or holy percentage? Why not 60% or 65%? Muni is always a little off in everything it does!

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