Surprise Box on the 38-Geary, Saturday Night


Casi from came by a sweet box of surprise on the 38-Geary. No, the good kind of surprise, really. Read on. 

Saturday nights are designed for a fun night out with friends. You got to sleep in that morning and you don’t have work the next day. It’s party time! The only thing that can put a damper on this fun night out is the ride home on Muni, especially if you live out by Ocean Beach. During the regular commute hours the 38-Geary is filled with silent workers on their favorite smartphone, headphones in, of course! But once night falls this grand ‘ol bus turns into a circus filled with college clowns, drunken acrobats (a.k.a. drunks girls in heels falling all over themselves), and freak shows (bums who think they are god).

I’ve spent many a drunken night on the always-a-madhouse 38, but I like to keep to myself and just watch the action around me. This most recent Saturday evening I found myself in my normal position of inebriation on the back of the bus, but this particular night was a special one. No crazies? Am I on the right bus? Luckily I was, so I thought to myself, “I guess I should be the crazy one!”

I suddenly shouted out, “I’m hungry!!!”

This is the part where beautiful music started, a bright light descended onto the palms of my hands, and an angel came to my hunger pangs. The man next to me, wearing a full chef’s outfit (which I didn’t notice before my hunger declaration), placed a white box in my hands and said “Here ya go, young one.”

Ok, maybe it didn’t go exactly like that. He placed the box in my hands and headed toward the exit without a word. I opened the box to find every cookie and yummy pastry known to man! As my angel chef walked off the bus, I yelled “I love you!!!” and he looked back with a smile. I shared my gift from heaven with the not-so-inebriated and quiet people around me. It was the most joyous bus ride of my life, and I will never forget it. Mostly because I’m surprised I woke up the next morning. Those things could have been poisoned! My mom told me never to take treats from a stranger and I failed her. My mom and I thank you, nice Muni chef man, for not killing me.

Are those cupcakes and Mexican wedding cookies in the box? Casi, you lucky you! Got another story of random wonderful strange encounter on Muni? I bet you do.

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