Weekend Photos: Grey Like This

Photo by Justin Beck

TGIF and everything, but tomorrow is a real celebration here at Muni Diaries. Why? I’ll tell you tomorrow afternoon. Sorry to be such a tease! Meanwhile, Jeff’s away from the helm and I’m woman-ing the ship for a few days. In Muni news this week:

By now complaints about our freezing grey summer probably sounds like a broken record. You know what might chase the cold away, though? A fun night at Edinburgh Castle, hosted by The Tenderblog. The Tenderbloggers are hosting their first TenderNight next Wednesday at 8 p.m. as an ode to their ‘hood. It’s an open-mic competition so if you’ve got stories to tell (especially ones involving the bus, for my obvious selfish reasons), make sure you go prepared!

Enjoy your weekend and these photos.

Photo by Flickr user telmo32

Photo by Flickr user Kanaka Menehune

MunI 8354
Photo by Flickr user Paul Sullivan

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