A Muni bus filled with ‘Oxford scholars’

22 fillmore
Photo by lorelei

100 Muni Stories

Muni rider Tara K. has a story that goes to show, you never know what kind of colorful character you’ll encounter on Muni:

Okay, today is the day I’ll be early to work…well, on time. I set out in high hopes of catching an early 22-Fillmore bus. I get on the bus and there is actually a seat!

Inevitably, 2 minutes into my ride, the bus breaks down in the middle of Church and Market. The passengers, all grumbles, start to shuffle. The bus driver announces that she will drop everyone off at the next bus stop and wait for assistance. As the bus stops at a stop sign people step down and everyone gets off. The bus driver announces for a second time that she will take people to the next stop but no one seems to understand.

That’s when the magic happens. A older woman, probably in her 80s, dressed in matching red and white from head to toe, turns to the remaining three people on the bus and yells “well, looks like this bus was filled with a bunch of God damned Oxford scholars. I tell ya the City is filled with ‘em!” I glance at another passenger as we suppress a burst of laughter. Then the show begins. The older woman continues on asking, “why the hell are people so stupid? Didn’t they hear that the driver is gonna take us to the next stop. A bunch of cattle, they are.”

As the driver pulls up to the stop the older woman turns to us all once again. She smiles and says, “well, it’s too bad they all missed the extra ride, the idiots, but it was nice ridin’ with y’all.” I catch her eye and say, “it’s really too bad they missed a great comedian!” She looks at me askance (Oh God, was that too cutesy for this lady, now I’m gonna get it), giving me a half smile and guffaw…and whaps me on the leg with her cane while nodding in recognition of her performance!

Note to self: Always ride Muni early cuz the bus will break down and you could be smiling for days.

It either happened to you, or around you. Share your Muni story on Muni Diaries.

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