Weekend Photos: Pull the Cord

pull the cord
Photo by Flickr user katiemarinascott

“The nightmare is over.” L-operator upon reaching Embarcadero.

When reader Ben sent us the above short email, I had to laugh. We know it’s not all that bad, though. Rachel from Fog City Notes shared a story of hilarity with fare inspectors this week, and we’re still trying to solve the mystery of why people do what they do when they wait for the bus. A big part of our urban existence happens on public transportation, so the next time you say to someone, “So I was on the bus today…” don’t forget to share that story with us.

Meanwhile, in Muni news:

  • Yes on Proposition G Headquarters Opens in the Castro — Fix Muni Now Kicks Off (SF Citizen)
  • Muni operators onboard, albeit begrudgingly, for service restoration plan (SF Examiner)
  • Some historic streetcars could return to the N-Judah line (Market Street Railway Blog)
  • Central Subway travel times disputed (SF Examiner)
  • Teen Suspect In Muni Gay Bashing Arrested (SF Appeal)
  • Muni chief urges riders to support federal transit funding (Examiner’s Under the Dome blog)
  • BART board decides not to increase fares (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Protective streetcar shelter at Geneva nears completion (Market Street Railway)
  • Pot Ads on Muni? They’re Already on BART — So Why Not? (SF Weekly)
  • Dennis Herrera Running for Mayor (SFist)

Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

The old State Belt Railroad
Photo by Flickr user Roshan Vyas

Muni Rider
Photo by Flickr user David Lytle

These New Ads
Photo by Flickr user eviloars

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