Some Muni Service Restoration Coming This Saturday

Photo by Flickr user Anita Hart

This Saturday SFMTA is restoring 61 percent of the May service cuts, which means that you’ll see more frequent late-night runs, Owl service every 30 minutes instead of an hour, and more buses  on some of the busy lines. The lines that were eliminated in May aren’t coming back, but this should still make life easier on a lot of us, judging from the comments we got when the service cuts were first instituted:

Getting on the 22 in the morning feels like diving into a mosh pit. You just have to hope you don’t get tossed back out and that one of your legs isn’t still sticking out the door. I have never seen it so crowded as its been this week and they just keep packing people on. – Katy

I felt really bad this morning. The 21 was packed because the first bus that gets people to work around 8 didn’t show up…We must have passed over 60 people on the street waiting in crowds for the bus. – Alice E

You can see details about time and frequency changes in this pdf document from SFMTA. SFMTA says that they are working with the mayor and the supervisors to restore all the service cuts, the Examiner reports.


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