At the Giants Game: Phyllis’ Grandkids Learn the Stops

I was sitting in front of my computer yesterday afternoon thinking: I wish I could be sitting outside in this beautiful weather and drinking a cold one… Then Jeff reminded me that FlipCam was taking Muni Diaries to a Giants game that very evening. How did FlipCam read my mind? How did FlipCam know that the weather was going to be freaking perfect? How did FlipCam know I was willing to pay $9 for a Coors Light?

So we took this opportunity to ask throngs of Giants fans on Muni about their Muni-riding experiences. As much as the metros were packed, most of the folks we talked to were pretty satisfied with riding Muni to and from the games: “No big problems…yeah it’s crowded but that’s how it is, you know?” Perhaps it’s the non-Giants-watching riders who have more of a beef with the packed trains.

And then we ran into rider Phyllis, who told us how you can tell whether your grandchildren are real Giants fans (see above video; 0:32 if you’re impatient and don’t wanna peep Jeff’s mad video-editing skills).

Also, Jeff would like to add: the Giants totally dogged Denver!

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