Weekend photos: Meanwhile, on Muni…

Meanwhile, On Muni
Photo by David Lytle

By the time you return from your weekend of fun, a little more than half of the Muni service cuts you saw in May will be restored. In other Muni news:

  • ‘Ambassadors’ place extra eyes on Muni (SF Examiner)
  • Time for Muni drivers to pay to park (Matier and Ross on SFGate)
  • Pier 70 Development: Streetcars Included? (Market Street Railway blog)
  • SFMTA restores service Sept. 4 (tomorrow!) (SFMTA)
  • Muni Accepts Gun Group’s Poster Promoting Use of Firearms (SF Weekly)
  • Central Subway Public Art Program Announces Winners (Central Subway Blog)
  • Dean Clark, District 6 Supervisor Candidate, Responds to Muni Questionnaire (Muni Rider Voter Guide)
  • Muni overhead pole spears sightseeing bus (SF Examiner)
  • 43 Masonic Catches Fire (Bay City News via SF Appeal)
  • West Portal Muni Construction Project Almost Done (Bay City News via SF Appeal)
  • Muni operators’ legal strategy could stall service reductions (City Insider on SFGate)

Oh, and ready or not, you’re in for a few weeks of Muni Diaries without Jeff, who is going on his honeymoon with the lovely Tara!

See how cute and transit-obsessed they are?

So, if you see something noteworthy on Muni, remember to share it with your fellow riders here. Don’t leave me hanging, y’all.

Enjoy the photos and your weekend!

Interior ex Milan Peter Witt car
Photo by Stephen Rees

Sleepy and Restless
Photo by Thomas Hawk

Waiting for the train & Ferry Building
Photo by Lorena

Plants vs. Zombies. Perfect way to pass time while waiting for a train.
Photo by Josh Lee

I've Been Waiting All Of My Life
Photo by Troy Holden

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