Celebrities Riding the Subway

Keanu rides the subway, photo courtesy of BuzzFeed.com

Rider @Jashsf hipped us to this BuzzFeed post via Slate.com about celebrities riding the subway. Other celebrities spotted riding the subway include Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, and Madge herself. Check out the Buzzfeed post to see photographic evidence of them all (there’s even one hilarious picture of Rudy Giuliani taking up two seats.)

Unfortunately, judging by the photos, it looks like by “subway” they mean the New York City subway. Now, I don’t have to remind you the location of the actual center of the universe, do I?

Have you spotted any person-of-note on Muni?


  • voyeur

    Oh wow Keanu Reeves! Got distracted by his neighbors devicesssss

  • Charles

    Since Willie Brown lost his SFPD car and driver when he left the mayor’s office (and he’s legally blind and can’t drive), he can often be seen on the 1-California, making his way up the hill to his condo.

  • Nora

    I swear I once saw John Waters making faces at a baby on the N line. Also, I saw Josh Kornbluth on BART once, for whatever that’s worth.

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