Weekend Photos: Before you can blink

Guilty Pleasures
Photo by Brandon Doran

It’s hard to keep our eyes away from the disaster in San Bruno. Meanwhile, in Muni news:

  • SFMTA Responds to Rumors of Muni Sickout, Warns Employees Not to Participate (SFAppeal)
  • Muni ‘Sickout” Flier’s Bold Threats (SFWeekly)
  • Muni Officials plan for worst, hope for false alarm (SF Examiner) (Full Muni sickout flier at SFist)
  • Anonymous fliers prompting concerns of sick out (SF Examiner)
  • Report: Muni collision rate has been rising (KGO-TV)
  • PERB Denies TWU Request for Injunction Stopping Muni Service Restorations (Streetsblog)

Next week we’ve got stories in the bag, thanks to all of your submissions, which made the first week of steering the Muni Diaries ship on my own not nearly as scary as I would have thought! Oh, and if you’re trying to figure out your plans for tonight, check out the opening party of The Classics, a “defining art exhibit featuring works by the true Bay Area graffiti art pioneers” at 1AM Gallery on Howard and 6th Street. I had a sneak peek of the show last night and saw that Muni makes several guest appearances in this amazingly curated show by Nate1.

Enjoy the t-shirt weather and these photos!

dot dot dot
Photo by Bhautik Joshi

Muni F-Market Boat Tram
Photo by Agent Akit

a book and a bike
Photo by Flickr user sxl

Muni in red
Photo by Daniell Lefebvre

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