Weekend Photos: Fashionable Muni

Elevator Music
Photo by Jeremy Brooks

You might have heard about the fashion “tribes of San Francisco” — you know, skinny jeans in the Mission, thigh-length sweaters in the Marina, flannel shirts in the Haight…but where do they all come together in one place? Yup, that’s right. We’ve seen some pretty fashionable riders on Muni (check out the details on those boots in the photo taken by Jeremy Brooks above). Today’s Weekend Photos is a little shoutout to these riders.

In a few weeks you’ll also see a new feature on Muni Diaries called Fashion Friday where we will be featuring fashionable Muni riders. So if you see a well-dressed fellow Muni rider,  remember to send us a photo! We’ll have prizes and other details for you next week.

In this week’s Muni news:

Enjoy these photos, keep an eye out for snazzy dressers on Muni, and have a great weekend!

Heart Kandi Cuff
Photo by Vishnu Balunsat

Still Waiting
Photo by Daniel Hoherd

Photo by greenkozi

Search and Rescue
Photo by Thomas Hawk

Photo by Jesse Johnson

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