Tiny new features on Muni Diaries

MUNI streetcar reflection
Photo by Images by John ‘K’

We’ve decided to join the rest of the entire freaking internet and add a new feature, which should be familiar to you by now: The ability to “like” posts and comments on Muni Diaries.

If you’re the type that can’t be bothered to comment on a post, yet you read something that someone else said that you a) agree with, or b) think is funny, you can let us all know, anonymously, by clicking the little red “+1” at the bottom of that comment. Same goes for sharing your feelings about a post on MD: There’s now a red heart along with “I like this post” near the bottom of every post.

We decided against a voting-down mechanism. You guys can be nasty to each other on the bus or someplace else. Here on Muni Diaries, we encourage … encouragement.

So have fun with these new features, and keep sending us all that amazing Muni content!

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