Two Sides of Prop. G Face Off

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Still not sure how you’ll vote on Prop G? The good folks at Ocean Beach Bulletin took Sup. Sean Elsbernd and the drivers union, TWU-250A, to task on Prop. G, which would remove the minimum pay guarantee in the city charter for Muni drivers. We saw a spirited discussion about Prop. G when we posted about Sup. Elsbernd’s ad two weeks ago. What do the two sides of Prop G have to say? Read on.

Elsbernd told the Ocean Beach Bulletin:

Prop. G could potentially deliver millions in funds for riders and operations that currently are spent on Muni drivers’ salaries and work rules. Prop. G eliminates the salary guarantee [in the city charter] that ensures Muni drivers are the second-highest paid in the country. Prop. G also resets Muni driver work rules that contribute to millions of dollars lost in systemwide inefficiencies. Prop. G does not generate new money for Muni from the City, state or federal government, but rather it allows Muni to use the money that it has more wisely, and to the greater benefit of Muni riders.

But TWU-250A disagrees:

Prop G doesn’t actually deal with any specific work rules. Proponents argue that Prop. G will give management an opportunity to bargain away certain work rules, but they flat-out misstate the facts about Muni drivers and the rules they work under.  Muni management has a tremendous amount of power to suspend, remove and fire operators for poor performance. In fact, under the existing collective bargaining agreement, management is even required to execute disciplinary proceedings quickly so drivers can either be terminated or get back to doing their jobs. Voters shouldn’t be confused: Prop. G doesn’t require any increased service, altered work rules or increased management accountability. It just punishes drivers.

You can read more about Prop G from Sup. Elsbernd and TWU-250A at Ocean Beach Bulletin. Have you changed your mind about Prop. G?

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