Chicken’s day out (not that chicken)

This chicken was granted clemency, it would seem. Muni rider Kevin has the deets:

I saw this chicken contentedly stowing a ride in a passenger’s jacket on the F. The man and his female companion appeared to be homeless, or at least the leathery orange skin and general funk made me think they had spent a lot of time outside without baths lately. The woman became agitated when another passenger joked about frying the chicken up. She complained to the chicken handler that this was “like talking about frying up a dog.” So apparently the chicken was not intended for consumption.

As can be seen in the photo, the man gradually fell asleep, hunched over with the chicken in his lap. When their stop arrived, the woman had some trouble waking him. Strangely, the bird didn’t seem to mind being slept upon.

See how fun it is to share your Muni stories?

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